MARYSVILLE, CA - A series of frantic 911 calls describe the horror as spectators watched an out-of-control sprint car barrel into the pit area last month at Marysville Raceway Park.

Two people in the pit were killed in the March 16crash.

The Yuba County Sheriff's Department released seven 911 recordings following a formal request from News10.

"Please send us two ambulances and medics-- please, please!" one caller implored the dispatcher.

"It's bad. We've got a young child hit by a race car, " another caller reported.

"We have a kid that's been hit by a race car and he's not breathing. We need airlift here now," said yet another caller.

During the initial calls, there appeared to be some confusion involving the names of Marysville Raceway Park and Marysville Riverfront Park.

While spectators can be heard yelling in the background, dispatchers calmly tried to make sure they were sending medical aid to the proper location.

"Ma'am, I have to find out where you're at first,"one dispatcher interrupts an early caller. "There are three locations where they race, OK?"

Killed in the crash were Dale Wondergem, Jr., 68,of Grass Valley and Marcus Johnson, 14,of Santa Rosa.

Johnson's cousin, Chase Johnson, was driving the car that went out of control.

Yuba County sheriff's officials said both victims had legitimate reasons to be in the pit area.

Track announcer Steven Blakesley said the car had apparent mechanical problems and missed the first turn, hitting a wall before crashing into the pit area.

The sheriff's department has officially listed the crash as an accident.

AUDIO: Listen to the individual 911 calls:

by George Warren,

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