WASHINGTOND.C. - The cellphone ban on flights is likely going to remain in place for a very long time, but when it comes to tablets and e-readers, the FAA may soon be easing their restrictions.

Since August 2012, the FAAhave had a committee examining the need for continued restrictions.Many industry analysts are predicting the FAA will ease the present regulations due toa lack of any aviation accidents being linked tothe use of personal electronic devices.

Even flight attendants are admitting that when they ask you to turn off your portable electronic devices, it's simply to get your attention during "the most sensitive parts of the flight."

And if you were to ever have access to the cockpit, you would find most pilots using electronic tablets during the flight.

Delta airlines has gone on the record urging the FAA to expand the use of electronic devices in flight, but to limit cell phone calls to the ground only.

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