DAVIS, CA - The man accused of hate crimes in theMarch 10 homophobic beating in Daviswent before a judge Tuesday to answer to charges. The Yolo County District Attorney wanted to increase the man's bail from $75,000 to half a million dollars.

Court documents show thatthe DApushed to increase Clayton Garzon's bail, claiming that he is, "an extreme danger to the community."

The DA claimed the original bail didn't take into account that it was a possible hate crime and that Garzon has a previous record. He's accused of being involved in a stabbing attack in Dixon last September.

Garzon's defense attorney responded to the "hate crime" allegations. Court documents state, "Mr. Garzon has many family members and friends that are members of the LGTB community."

An attached letter from Garzon's gay uncle stated, "I can unequivocally say that Clayton has been uncommonly supportive of me being gay."

Also, a letter from a gay neighbor stated, "I do not believe that Clay's actions in the morning of March 10 were driven by hate for gay people."

Meanwhile, the Sacramento Sikh Temple has submitted a letter to a Yolo County judge supporting the DA's motion to increase the suspect's bail. They request the judge, "to protect the community's safety by setting bail at $500,000."


Meanwhile, the victim in the Davis beating, 32-year-old Mikey Partida, is now home from the hospital.

While in the hospital, Partida spoke to News10 first about the attack. Partida was released from the hospital Saturday and is now home recovering from his injuries.

Partida said he is focused on staying positive and on making a full recovery. He wears several bracelets for support. One says, "Compassion it"; the other one says, "Help stop hate crimes."

Partida said he wants the community as well as members of the gay and lesbian community to be aware of what happened and to know that it could happen anywhere.

"I just don't want it to be swept under the rug," Partida said."I just want it to be known. Just want people to take precaution when they go out."

Partida said he's received a lot of support from various communities, his family and friends, as well as on the Facebook page, Mikey's Justice Fund. He said he's still going through physical therapy, but hopes to make a full recovery.

"I think it's (Davis) a good community still, of course," Partida said. "There's just that one bad seed that we've got to get rid of. And we'll see where it goes from there."

By Suzanne Phan,

Twitter: @suzannephan

Facebook: SuzannePhanNews10