SACRAMENTO, CA - News10 viewers, Facebook and Twitter users were quick to share their opinions about why nearly a third of all consumers have abandoned news outlets, according to a Pew Institute Center journalism study.

Here are some of the comments:

Donna Noeller wrote, in part: A few thoughts have to do with the easy access to pertinent news quickly without having to sit through news items that may not interest me .... Mostly, I suppose, it's the immediate source of information the Internet allows. You cover the DWTS odd makers predictions of who is likely to win? Really? How is that news? I do appreciate the involvement within communities that I observe during the holidays ... here's what I do turn on the TV for news-wise: A person I respect speaking on a subject about which he/she is considered knowledgable. It's not that I don't respect local news talent, it is that I consider them readers, and I can read for myself without the banter and fluff.

Donna Waterman: You wonder why you're losing viewers on your show??? HELLO- ROSEVILLE is never mentioned - only TRACY - STOCKTON - LODI - GALT - SACRAMENTO - STOCKTON -TAHOE. ROSEVILLE has a population exceeding 100,000 - channel 40 is the only channel that gives Roseville information, weather, etc. If you want more viewers, give information about ROSEVILLE - ROCKLIN.

Susanne Knott: Always watch new10, BUT talk about going overboard!!! Where's your class???!!! Christina's gone wild and crazy! Less help? Join the rest of us! Overboard is soo true on broadcasting.

Brandi: ... there is also plenty of news that is not news but "gossip." For example, just minutes after the story about viewership was aired, another story about Tiger Woods' and Lindsey Vonn's relationship status. While this isn't a "negative" story (thus it seems to fulfill what we viewers want: positive news), it's worthy of "Access Hollywood", "TMZ", and "Extra". As a viewer of the news, I'm looking for news that matters to me, my city, my region, my state, and my nation - not "who's dating who" or who's pregnant now or who's behaving badly in public.

J: Too much sweet news. Too much competition. Too many Newcasts (don't need noon news). Tooooooooooo much weather. Too many commercials. 15 minutes would be enough news. IPad taking over as access to the minute news.

Mike Hazlip: ...Don't give me headlines about Lindsay Lohan's court appearance when there are far more important issues at hand that can affect the future of our nation ...

Janice Gull-Watts: KXTV has always been my news of choice but lately it has gotten tabloid oriented in my opinion. The stupid scroll across the bottom is a major distraction for me. My favorite pet peeve is the overly dramatic reporting of the weather by all of the news stations, come on people this is really in the neighborhood of overkill.

Sibyl Fiske Clark: If only the reporters wouldn't get in the way of their reports. Personal opinion clothed as a factoid is irritating. For what happens in our area it should/could be covered in 15 minutes tops. If we want further we will go online.

Keith Breazeal: Failure to buck the political mess. No hard investigative reporting that tackles the stupid things that politicians do when not trying to get a budget passed.

Matt Smalley: Pretending that upcoming TV shows or films produced by your network and affiliates is news. The entertainment and news divisions should be separate and you should employ actual journalists instead of eye candy. Remember when that was how it used to be?

Ken Umbach: The whole business of teasing stories and delaying until after countless ads. Stupid hype. Drooling idiot newscasters. Etc. Loathsome.

ShelleyKirst Wright: They are way tooooo liberal.. and they repeat the same thing over and over and over and over again.. Also who really cares which station was the first on the scene..

Jonathan Lund: the liberal bias of the media ...

Moises Ramos Saavedra: Get rid of sensationalism. Celebrity gossip and sports are NOT NEWS. More exposés!!!

Linda Charlene González: I don't think sports should be in the spotlight so much these days, the money they make and fighting about where they are playing and cities just seems redundant to me. More stories about GOOD THINGS people are doing would help people have better attitudes and HOPE that the world still has something to offer besides worrying about all the bad.

Jon Deese: Reporting is not longer neutral or are there any attempts anymore to show an unbiased story about major issues. Cable news has become as bad if not worse than the daytime talk shows. The local networks are not giving accurate reports any longer - it is all about ratings.

Margy McGowan Moon: I'd like more news and less promo and teasing. I don't want celeb news, I can watch other shows for that. Maybe more local news other than Sac city schools and what is happening with the KINGS. We live outside Sac and there are other things happening. If you reduced the teasing you could get in several more stories!

Sue Funkey: I'm always disappoiinted that you dont cover the foothills very well, I send you news info, and no one follows up. I see Channel 3 here, about every 3 or so weeks, but not you.

Amanda Young: I'm sick of hearing abut the Kings. It's all I hear anyome so I don't watch.

Kelly Hearts: I am tired of hearing about people killing people in Stockton ...

Dawn Geewhiz: Are we going to see this on the news? Are you going to tell the rest of the community how we feel? Are you going to share?

News10 values your opinions. Your comments will be discussed and considered as we go forward.

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