STOCKTON, Calif. - Stockton police were investigating a drive-by shooting that left two people dead and threemore wounded Sunday night.

Theshooting was reported after 8 p.m. at a home onthe 1800 block of E. Sonora Street where there was aparty.

Family members said 21-year-old Juan "Junior" Sarrarez was shot and killed. They also said Reyna Perez, Sarrarez's girlfriend, was shot in the face and transported to the hospital with critical injuries.

Stockton police Lt. Eric Kane later revealed that one other person had died as a result of shooting.Juanita Julia Maldonado, 36, was pronounced dead by hospital personnel onMonday.

Of the three peoplewounded, one was listed in critical condition and the others were stable, said police.

Officer Joe Silva said the incident was gang-related and there were multiple shooters. Police continued to interview witnesses for more information.

Anyone who may have witnessed the shooting was encouraged to call Stockton police.

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