ELK GROVE, CA - A four-vehicle crash injured10 people in western Elk Grove Friday night.

The crash happened near Laguna Boulevard and Neosho Drive just before 9 p.m. Elk Grove police Det. James King said a vehicle going westbound on Laguna Boulevard veered into the eastbound lane. The driver of the vehicle overcorrected and hit a SUV that was driving eastbound. The crash caused the SUV to overturn.

King said police are still looking into the crash and it is unclear how the other two vehicles got involved in the crash.

Initial reports stated that the crash involvedonly avan that over turned.

The Cosumnes Fire Departmentsaid10 people were stabilized and taken to the hospital for treatment. King said occupants of the SUV were taken to the hospital with complaint of pain.

Elk Grove police, Cosumnes fire and five medic units responded to the crash.

More information will be available soon

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