SACRAMENTO, CA - The FBI's effort to find additional victims of serial killers Wes Shermantine and Loren Herzog came to an end recently with no more human remains located.

The FBI was excavating an abandoned well near the town of Linden, about 10 miles east of Stockton. The dig lasted about six weeks and cost the FBI and San Joaquin County about $200,000.

There wasgreat disagreement over why the effort failed. The FBI said Shermantine himself was the reason the dig was focused in that field, saying the convicted killer was about 70 percent certain he had the right spot.

Shermantine wrote in a letter to the FBI that he shared with News10: "You planned to come up empty handed the whole time, this way you can claim my information is no good."

Shermantine's recent communication with authorities led to the discovery of three bodies in San Joaquin County and two more in Calaveras County in 2012. But the FBI said Shermantine is no longer communicating with them. The agency will listen if he starts again.

"We continue to offer him every opportunity to assist with successful recovery of victim remains with the caveat that he must provide specific information regarding locations and identities," said agent Herb Brown.

The FBI believes Shermantine and Herzog are responsible for 16 deaths based on the number of convictions and remains found in the last year.


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