HOUSTON - NBA Commissioner David Stern says allowing the Kings to leave Sacramento would not be good but neither wouldSeattle not getting a team again.

The commissioner spoke in Houston Thursday from the annual NBA All-Star Weekend.

A Seattle investor group led by Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer has reached a deal with the Maloof family, majority owners of the Kings, to buy the franchise for $525 million. The Hansen/Ballmer group has also filed a relocation request with the league.

Meantime, a Sacramentocoalition is trying to keep the Kings local, with $21 million committed.

Seattle-area elected leaders have approved going forward with a new arena for an NBA team while plans for a new venue in Sacramento have been squashed several times.

Sacramento investors have a March 15 deadline to submit their plan.

Sternsaid there were no plans to expand the league.

The commissioner added owners will have a tough decision to make about the fate of the Kings and that he was glad he wasn't an owner.

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