STOCKTON, CA - Stockton has been a constant presence in in the headlines due to the city's crime and bankruptcy issues.

But the Stockton Symphony creates it's own headlines as the third oldest orchestra in the state, trailing just San Francisco and Los Angeles in that category.

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The symphony was created in 1926, and current conductor Peter Jaffe said the groups role is moreimportant than ever for Stockton.

"No matter how bad things might get, or because we have challenges, people value what an orchestra can do for our society," Jaffe said. "The fact that this takes us to a different place is moreimportant that ever.We especially need it now; it's for our souls."

The symphony requires visiting solo performers to also spend time in a Stockton school, visiting with music students. Cellist Joshua Roman worked with the youth orchestra at Stockton's Weston Ranch High School.

"We think it's really important to be part of the social discussions,"Jaffe said."We can be part of the solution."

By Tim Daly,

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