STOCKTON, Calif. - Stockton police shot a wanted felon after he led them on a foot chase across Interstate 5 Wednesday afternoon.

Detective Joe Silva of the Stockton Police Departmentsaid law enforcement agencies had been searching for the 43-year-old man for three yearsin connection with a felony fordriving under the influecne andinjuring CHP officers with his vehicle in 2010.

According to Silva,a Stockton patrol officer spotted the man near PershingAve. and Harding Wy. and initiated a traffic stop. However, the man fled then jumped out of his car, ran across I-5 and down an embankment into a Arco gas station on Fremont Ave.

"As of right now, it doesn't appear that the suspect was armed," said Silva. "But it did appear to our officers that he was in the commission of committing a felony: carjacking the citizens that were in that silver SUV."

Silva said an officer opened fire when the suspect got into the SUV, because he believed the suspect was a public safety threat once behind the wheel.

Danielle Pinto works for the Department of Corrections across the street from thegas station. She says she ran to the window when she heard the first sound of gunfire.

"Personally, I saw the doors open, shots, the cops surrounding the car and continuously shooting and then the next thing we know we saw the guy on the ground not moving," said Pinto.

The suspect was shot an unconfirmed number of times and taken to a hospital with serious injuries. He underwent surgery around 2 p.m.

Police said witnesses inside the SUV told them there was a struggle inside the vehicle and they heard the suspect tell police officers he had a gun.

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