SACRAMENTO, CA - The massive manhunt for suspect Christopher Dorner required substantial resources and scores of officers, many of them highly-trained SWAT team members.

According to police, Dorner has been a clear and present danger to officers and the community. His military and law enforcement background have made him a greater threat. And, his declared mission to take out members of LAPD have made him more dangerous.

Law enforcement experts said SWATmembers are equipped to handle every situation, even one where the suspect is the predator and officers are the prey.

Former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness explained what it takes forSWAT teams to hunt down a highly-trained suspect like Dorner.

"You have to anticipate his moves and get to the successful conclusion before he does. You have to anticipate where he's gonna go. What of course of action he may take,"McGinness said.

"This was someone who delighted in the fact that officers had become reactionary. And he was hunting them. And I think in the end, ultimately, it was him who was hunted,"SWAT team leader Sgt. Randy Winn said.

Winn led aSWATeffort a year and a half ago in Mendocino County to find Aaron Bassler. The suspect was on the run for nearly six weeks. Sacramento County's SWAThelped locate and take down Basslerin a gun battle.

Winn said there's a lesson to be learned fromthe Bassler and Dorner incidents.

"To really never underestimate your adversary; someone who's not willing to give up," said Winn.

By Suzanne Phan,

Twitter: @SuzannePhan