CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA - A home emitting a foul odor has been deemed "uninhabitable."

Citrus Heights police served an inspection warrant at the home on Spicer Drive at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. Once they opened the door, police found piles of garbage and dozens of cats living inside and around the home.

Police hadput up afence around the house and posted notices telling anyone passing by that the house is unsafe.

Neighbors saidy nobody has lived in the home for years, and they have been complaining for 18 years about the house's smell.

"When the summer months come and the heat comes out, combine the smell of rotting corpses and food, and you know, animal feces," neighbor Marcelle Flowers said.

Flowers finally gathered the names of 56 neighbors on a petition and the Citrus Heights City Council decided to take action.

The home's owner, Nancy Logsdon,said her husband has health problems, and she has not had time to clean up the house. She said she takes care of the feral cats and feeds them daily, and worries about feeding them while the house is fenced off.

"I did cat rescue for 50 years. I had the approval of the pound and the SPCA . . . and all the kids helped, but they all moved out," said Logsdon, who's husband is a decorated Air Force officer.

But she ended up overwhelmed.

"And these are feral cats. They're not like other cats. They don't always go in the litter. They're very difficult," Logsdon said.

Police and officials at the scene would not comment, and said the situation is still under investigation.