SACRAMENTO - A 32-year-old man was arrestedWednesday afternoon after hesmashed up a cop car and fire truckwith a barbell, say police.

Sacramento Police Department reports stated that firefighterssought police assistance during a medical aid call in which Vanthon Som became extremely aggressive towards themand broke the windows of their fire truck with a large barbell.

The first officerarrived atthe scene on the 8200 block of Arroyo Vista Dr. around 2:43 p.m. and Som turned his aggression on her,smashing the back window of her patrol car with his barbell, said police.

According to police, backup arrived and eventually managed to subdue Som with beanbag rounds and a stun gun. He was then transported to a local hospital with minor injuries, medically cleared and booked on charges of resisting, assault on an officer, and vandalism.

No officers were injured during the event.

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