OLIVEHURST, CA - Two people were injured after the Cessna plane they were in crashed Saturday afternoon.

The plane went down around 4 p.m. at the Yuba County Airport, about 1500 feet from the tarmac and flipped over. Olivehurst Fire captain Stephen McClain said it's unclear what caused the plane to go down during the instructional flight.

The plane belongs to Beale Air Force Base. The plane took off from the air force base and was headed towards the Yuba County Airport; it was in the air for 10 minutes before it went down.

The two people inside were able to get out of the plane by themselves and were standing when crews arrived at the scene. Fire officials said a man in his 40s suffered moderate injuries; a male in his late teens suffered minor injuries. The older man was training the teenager, but it is unclear who was piloting the plane when it crashed.

Both people were taken to the hospital for treatment.

The fire department said after the plane hit the ground it started a small grass fire. Initially, it was hard for crews to reach the scene of the fire because of the marshlands that surround the property.

Crews remained on scene to clean up the area.

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