STOCKTON, CA - The San Joaquin County fair grounds were busy Saturday for Kaiser Permanente's Neighbors in Health clinic.

The free clinic gave people a chance to get a physical, immunizations and other health screenings.

Dentists and oral hygienists provided basic dental check-ups and other services like teeth cleanings. There were also several optometrists on hand to give eye exams.

J.R. Meredith showed up early to get a few check-ups.

"It's been cold lately, a lot of people getting sick," Miller said. "Sometimes it's hard to afford everything else, so you know, when something like this pops up, you take the opportunity and you come out and you know, make sure you're still ok, your health is good, and get everything checked on."

In addition tothe 900people who showed up to see a physician or a clinician, nearly 300 volunteers donated their time.

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