TURLOCK, CA - For some reason, it's the food in Turlock where it's reflected the locals are proud of San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

In downtown Turlock, the Footer hot dog spot was already one of the busiest lunch stops in town. It got even busier when they produced a "Kaepernick special."

"We've got cabbage, secret seasoning, jalapenos, horseradish, red peppers and yellow, for 'Niner colors," said owner Glenn Newsum as he listed the ingredients of the new menu item.

At Olde Tyme Pastries, they can't make "Kap" cookies fast enough. More than 400 have sold the past few days, and customers are told to return at a later hour to get some of the next batch.

The pastry shop on Gere Road is also making 49er helmet cakes and football cookies.

People in Turlock aren't just following the 49ers because the quarterback happens to be local. They really like the Turlock product.

"He seems like a good guy. He's from our church, so we have that connection," said Shellie Lloyd, who was in line to buy Kaepernick cookies.

"He's smart, religious, and a heck of a quarterback," said Bill Beaty, who was decked out in his 'Niner clothing.

If the 49ers win Sunday in Atlanta, the Kaepernick-related dining options could really increase by the time the Super Bowl is played.


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