INDIANAPOLIS - Reporters and photographers from all82 Gannett Company daily newspapers are brushing up on their video skills to offer online readers a richer experience.

News10's George Warren has joined a 15-person team of veteran Gannett broadcasters and digital journalists bringing an intensive week-long training program to individual newspapers around the country.

The Gannett Turbo Video Tour began last week at the Citizen-Timesin Asheville, North Carolina and is wrapping up its stop at the Indianapolis Star today.

Kate Marymont,senior vice president for news at Gannett, said the training program is a response to the changing habits of newspaper readers.

"You read information on your smart phone, your iPad, your tablet. That's how people act these days," Marymont said."Video is a big part of that experience."

The video training focuses on newsgathering and storytelling using iPhones issued companywide.

Indianapolis Star writer Beth Murphy said she enjoyed the training.

"The video and visuals can add some depth to the print and what we do, and maybe get our personalities in a bit more," she said.

The Gannett Turbo Video Tour continues through mid-March.

by George Warren,