SACRAMENTO, CA - The memorial outside a sports bar in Old Sacramento grows larger every day for the victims killed on New Year's Eve. A total of five people were shot - two died and three, including the suspect,were injured.

Friends and family of victim Gabriel Cordova turned outThursday night to pay their respects. Cordova's oldest son Isiahsaid his father's had a many friends with the Vagos motorcycle club.

"These are brothers," IsiahCordova said. "There's a lot of support for my father."

Gabriel Cordova was killed in addition to bar employee Daniel Ferrier following a fight that started over a spilled drink.

The suspect 22-year-old Carlito Montoya is still in the hospital under police watch. Police said the gun used inthe shooting in Old Sacramento was stolen several years ago from another jurisdiction.

Cordova's wife was among those injured in the shooting.

Maria Luna, Gabriel Cordova' mother,said Christine Cordovaishome after she was shot in the foot and taken to the hospital for treatment.

"She talked about that. But not too much because she doesn't want to flashback to it you know right now," Luna said.

Christine could have been shot again if it weren't for the armed security guard who stepped in, Luna said. She said Gabriel and Christine Cordvaplanned on going to a BBQ, but ended up stopping in Old Sacramento first.

"They weren't even going over there. They just decided at the last minute," Luna said.

When asked about the tragedy that claimed her son's life and the possibility that it started over a spilled drink,Luna said many other people were also injured andFerrier also lost his life.

"It's just terrible thing that people's lives have to be affected that way," Luna said.

Luna said the family is planning a private memorial service for Gabriel Cordova.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, friends of Daniel Ferrier posted that memorial services for him will be held next Monday afternoon at Henningsen Lotus Park.

By Suzanne Phan,