SACRAMENTO, CA - A second man fatally shot on New Year's Eve in Old Sacramento was identified Wednesday by the Sacramento County coroner as 35-year-old Gabriel Abel Cordova of Sacramento.

The man suspected ofkilling Cordova and another man andwounding two othersremains in the hospital.

Carlito Montoya, 22, was arrested Monday night after he ran from the shooting scene at the Sports Corner Café bar, located on the 1000 block of 2nd Street, Sacramento police Officer Michelle Gigante said.

Still armed with the gun, Montoya ran from the bar toward streets that were crowded with New Year's Eve revelers after a fireworks display that ended just minutes before. Gigante said Montoya was immediately taken into custody by responding police.

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"They grabbed him very quickly and put him in the back of the car," said Diane Correia, who was having dinner across the street with her husband.

Around 9:38 p.m., an argument inside of the bar escalated into a fight, and then into a shooting after a man brandished a gun. The shooting spilled out into the street.

"Before we know it, there was gunfire," Diane Correia's husband Ray Correia explained. "And 'pop, pop, pop' and people were all ducking."

Gigante said an armed security guard, who was near a side door, heard gunshots, confronted the shooter inside the bar and exchanged shots with him. Both were injured and taken to the hospital for treatment.

A bouncer at a nearby bar saw everyone run for cover.

"There were small children all around the area, so it was really kind of freaky," the bouncer said. "People were picking up kids and running. Hundreds of people were just running."

A 30-year-old woman,Cordova, andbar employeeDan Ferrierwere shot during the initial shooting. Cordova andFerrier died. The woman was shot in her lower body andwas expected to survive.

Gigante said police were in the process of interviewing as many as 30 witnesses. Two guns were recovered from the scene by police.

Police returned to the crime sceneTuesday to gather more evidence. Crews also cleaned up a pool of blood outside the bar.

Shooting suspect Carlito Montoya

Friends said Carlito Montoya is originally from Oakland and recently moved to Sacramento. He was going to school to become a truck driver.

"He was trying to get his life straight," friend Joshua Sholz said.

Sholz said Montoya hady moved in with Sholz's brother in Sacramento. Both men were at the Sports Corner café on New Year's Eve.

According to police, Montoya opened fire first when the fight inside of bar escalated. Sholz's brother was standing so close to the shooting, he had blood splattered on his back, Sholz said.

Sholz said itwas hard to believe Montoya could have pulled the trigger first, unless it was in self defense.

No charges have been filed against him yet.

Shooting victim Dan Ferrier

Sports Corner Café bouncer Dan Ferrier was confirmed as one of the twovictims killed in the shooting.

According to family members and friends, the 36 year old was filling in for an employee Monday night. Ferrier's Placerville roommate of six years, Tanya Cain, said Ferrier was always looking to help other people.

"Helping someone out because that is the type of guy Dan was," Cain said. "If you needed someone to be there, he was there."

Relatives said Ferrier was in the Army for eight years, serving two tours in Iraq.

"He did lay down his life for complete strangers. That is the kind of guy Dan is," Cain said.

Ferrier is a Placerville native who attended El Dorado High School, according to family members. He also worked as a personal trainer when he wasn't working at the sports bar.

Outside Ferrier's home, candles were lit in his memory. Cain said Ferrier lived everyday like it was his last.

"He was always said 'live every moment like it was your last' because he lost his parents very young," Cain said. "He always said you never know when it will be your last moment and God, how true that turned out to be."