SACRAMENTO, CA - An empty pub is something O'Mally's assistant manager Ginny Raines did not count on for, what she says is, one of the busiest nights of the year.

"It's 'all hands on deck' and it's a really busy night for us, and getting shut down early was obviously not very beneficial," said Raines.

Old Sacramento business owners are still trying to figure out how much money was lost after they closed their doors early on New Year's Eve after a shooting killed two people and injured three outside of a sports bar in Old Sacramento.

Many businesses like O'Mally's Pub closed early when police told people to leave the area and cancelled the midnight fireworks show.

Some business owners worryMonday night's shooting could cast a black eye on the Old Sacramento scene.

"We've been having troubles getting Old Sac moving forward, and you know, marketing, and it used to be a nice place," La Terraza Mexican Restaurant owner Miguel Angel Banuelos said. "When you said 'Old Sacramento,' people would brighten up and smile, and I'm hoping that stuff like this doesn't cast a shadow over us and hurt us."

Other business owners worry if there was enough security for such a large-scale event.

"Obviously, it wasn't enough if that could happen down here,"Chocolate Factory employeeNicole Martinez said.

Organizers said that there were 100 Sacramento police officers on patrol in addition to a dozen private security guards. Several restaurants also hired off-duty police officers.

Although some business owners have their worries, city leaders are confident Old Sac's image will stay clean.

"Sacramento hosts hundreds of special events every year, and hundreds of thousands of people come down to attend those events," Sacramento Convention and Visitors' Bureau Senior Vice President Mike Testa said. "So putting last night aside, I don't think you can take an isolated incident and decide Sacramento won't be hosting special events anymore."

City and CVB officials will meet soon to discuss any possible future changes to the New Year's Eve event, Testa said.

As for the possibility of extra security, Testa said that's definitely up for discussion.

"A security plan has been in place for the last 12 years, one that was designed by police," Testa said."(Until now) we've had no problems whatsoever."