STOCKTON, CA -Stockton police hoped their warnings about gunfire on New Year's Eve would pay off with saferbehavior, but still, several homes were struck by falling rounds just after midnight.

"It's good to celebrate, but you have to keep in mind other people who live around you," said Ismail Khan, whose north Stockton home was damaged.

A bullet landed on the bed where his wife was sleeping, but she wasn't hurt.

"Since 10 o'clock (he heard gunfire). It was like a war zone," said Khan.

Not too far away in a mobile home park also in north Stockton, Dale Molarius had the same reaction.

"It woke me up, and my wife also. We mentioned it sounds like a war zone. Those bullets got to come down somewhere," said Molarius, whose carport was damaged.

Police and residents said the gunfire seemed to start earlier this year than in the past. Fortunately, there were no injuries.


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