SACRAMENTO, CA - Scores of last-minute shoppers hit the stores as the clock counted down to Christmas Day. There were plenty of procrastinators all waiting until the last-minute to pick up a present or two.

Inside Toys R' Us, lines snaked around store aisles. Shoppers scurried about with an armload of gifts. Even at the 11th-hour, there were lots of people rushing in stores.

No one left empty-handed on Christmas Eve.

At Arden Fair Mall, the stores were not packed. But, business was brisk.

"Glad it's not a lot of people. I'm not a crowd guy," shopper Keith Childs said.

Childs hit the mall Monday along with many others for the same reason.

"Procrastinated. I waited until the last minute," Childs said."But it is what it is."

Richard Hackwith saidhe waited because he was busy.

"A bunch of other things came up. Weather, doctor, etc., etc.," Hackwith said."It's all done now."

"We're getting gift cards and packages," shopper Alandra Thompson said."We're shopping for both."

About 10 percent of Americans waited until Christmas Eve to finish shopping according to the National Retail Federation. Some shoppers were taking advantage of last minute sales.

"It was 50 percentoff at Sears on toys," one shopper said.

But for most people, hitting the stores late was better than not hitting the stores at all, especially if it means making loved ones happy.

"I'm shopping for the 'wifey' and the 'fams'," one man said.

"Yeah, I had to pick up a couple of leftover items that I hadn't picked up yet. But, I'm glad it's over," another man said.

By Suzanne Phan,

Twitter: @suzannephan