SACRAMENTO, CA - Sacramento grassroots pro-troop organization Move America Forward has spent much of the holiday season collecting donations and putting together care packages.Monday afternoon, they had 350 care packages ready for theU.S. Postal Service at thedowntown post office.

In addition to personal care items, the boxes contain stockings, holiday treats and personal notes from donors to the troops who will receive the packages.

Scott Raab, Move America Forward's outreach coordinator, knows very well how much the troops enjoy receiving the care packages.

"You know, it means a lot, because I'm a veteran, and when I was in, I distinctly remember of all the time I was in, five years, I remember twice I got a care package," said Raab.

The organization believes the little things are what make a difference.

"It really reminds them of home,"Raab said. "It's a comfort and it's something they don't have every day, so it really means a lot -- they don't forget it."

Postal Service officials have guaranteed the packages will be delivered to the troops in time for Christmas. Ralph Petty, USPS Customer Relations Coordinator, and a veteran himself, takes that guarantee to heart.

"It's extremely important to me, being a Vietnam veteran, and I know how important it is to get a package from home," said Petty. "The Postal Service is here for the troops."

To find out how you can donate a care package, you can visit Move America Forward.

by Patrick Walker,

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