STOCKTON, Calif. - More than 80 people were evacuated from their homes Saturday morning after a gas leak threatened homes in an east Stockton neighborhood.

The Stockton Fire Department got calls of a possible explosion on the 3300 block of E. Miner Avenue around 8:30 a.m. When crews arrived on scene, they found an 8-inch transmission line, buried 4-feet deep, leaking gas, PG&E Spokesperson J.D. Guidi said.

PG&E's Brandi Ehlers said the line did not feed directly into the surrounding homes; however, fire crews turned off the gas to the homes as a precaution.

Stockton Fire spokesperson Art Ray said four blocks, betweenE. Filbert Street and E. Miner Street and Fremont Street, were evacuated as crews worked to contain the leak.

Ehlers said 78 homes were impacted by the gas shutoff. PG&E had 15 field representatives at the scene to turn the gas to the homes back on and relight any pilot lights.

Residents were able to return to their homes after 80 minutes.

When crews looked at the gas line, the area around it was muddy and crews will have to dig to figure out the cause of the gas leak, Guidi explained. Elhers said it's unclear when the cause of the leak will be determined.

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