Hopefully you won't need these, but just in case you do, this is a listofsandbagdistribution centers inSacramento County:

NOTE for Sacramento County Sand Bag Locations: "Sacramento County only opens its sandbag distribution sites in anticipation of continuous and extended heavy rainfall events where severe, widespread flooding may occur. The county does not open sandbag sites during most short duration or routine storm events typically experienced in Sacramento. Due to the lead time needed to get sites operational it is not effective to open sandbag sites during most storms. By the time the sandbag distribution sites are operational, most storms will have passed and any localized flooding will have already occurred. In fact, if your property has a history of flooding or recurring standing water each year (such as water building up at the garage or back patio for example), you are encouraged to get sandbags in advance of the rainy season and have them on hand throughout the winter. Sandbags and sand are available, inexpensively, at most hardware and home improvement stores."

Sacramento County

Westside Park
6555 West 2nd St.

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Station #112
6801 34th St.

Orangevale Community Center
6826 Hazel Ave.

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Station #106
2200 Park Towne Cir.

County Branch Center
3847 Branch Center Rd.

Jose P. Rizal Community Center
7320 Florin Mall Dr.

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Station #55
7776 Excelsior Rd.

Wilton Fire Station
9800 Dillard Rd.

Jean Harvie Senior Citizen & Community Center
14273 River Rd.

Point Pleasant United Methodist Church
3329 Point Pleasant Rd.

Call (916) 875-RAIN or visitwww.stormready.orgfor site information

Visit the Sacramento County Department of Water Resources websiteto see which locations are open.

City of Sacramento

Robertson Community Center
3525 Norwood Ave.

Meadowview Community Center
2450 Meadowview Rd.

Call 311 for site information

City of Citrus Heights

Westwood Park
8100 Butternut Dr.

McDonald Field Park
7959 Old Auburn Road

Fountain Square (North of Police Service Center)
6315 Fountain Square

C-Bar-C Park
8275 Oak Ave.

Call (916) 727-4770 for site information

City of Elk Grove

Cosumnes CSD Administration Office
8820 Elk Grove Blvd.

Grant Line Rd. & Pleasant Grove School Rd.
Grant Line Rd. & Pleasant Grove School Rd.

Laguna West
Klagge Court

City of Elk Grove - Corporation Yard
10250 Iron Rock Way

Don Notolli Park
10050 East Taron Drive

Call (916) 687-3005 for site information

List Courtesy: Sacramento County Department of Water Resources