LAKE TAHOE - Skiers and snowboarders hope to get some snow from this weekend's storm system, but it wasn't exactly the sight most people had taken the week off for.

"We were hoping for some more snow but it can come before thanksgiving," El Dorado Hills resident Sylvie Bergeron said.

In Truckee, employees at a ski and snowboard shop are crossing their fingers for business to pick up.

"We were kind of expecting it to get busy this weekend," employee Ryan Davis said. "But I think the rain scared some people away."

At Boreal Ski Resort, one snowboarder was happy the snow held off.

"It wasn't really snowing, so you could snowboard actually," Igor Boinegri said. "It wasn't getting in your eyes and everything. It was a good day overall. "

After last year's disappointing season, people living in the Sierra Foothills said they've been blessed with early winter weather.

"This year, it's looking good for the snow season," Greg Boas said. "We've had some early storms. Definitely gearing up, going to open up this weekend."

People are also remaining hopeful they'll have snow to be thankful for this Thanksgiving week.

"I want a lot of snow," VIktoriya Stepanisko laughed. "As much as we can."

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