SACRAMENTO -The Thanksgiving Travel period is expected to be busy, and if you're a parent taking youryoung ones on the roads this year, you'll want to review these top 10 tips for tavelling with children:

1. Install a car seat and ensureits proper use (CHP inspects and installs car seats for free)

2. Use booster seats for all children age 8 and younger

3. Bring a book for kids to read

4. Kids 12 and under are safest in the back seat when possible

5. Bring toys and treats to keep kids busy

6. Set a reminder about daycare pick-ups and changes

7. Lock your car so no one plays in it

8. Plan ahead

9. Check tires

10. Pack a road emergency kit including snacks, ziploc bags, flashlight and perhaps Tylenol is recommitted from some Moms to have on hand

News10 viewers shared some of their own tips for keeping kids safe during travel:

Diane recommends "...special canvas bags that have toys they've never used. These are only to be used while traveling.... I did it for kids were always well behaved because I made such a big deal about the bags."

Tonii says "Our portable mini DVD player. It's kept my 2 year old daughter entertained while driving to and from Ventura..."

MariaM writes " Melissa when my children were little I would give them a bath just before leaving for the airport, dress them in their pajamas and feed thema big meal. Once they were on the flight and played for a few minutes, they would be sound asleep for the whole fit.

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