STOCKTON, CA - Nearly a month after a .22 caliber semi-automatic gun was accidently fired in a seventh grade classroom at Van Buren Elementary School, school leaders have implemented some changes.

Principal Ione Ringen said since the gunfire, she has hired more personnel and instituted new programs.

"The fact that something happened brought it home for to us that we can't take anything for granted," said Ringen.

"Our schools are very safe. The gungoing off in an elementary classroom was a sign we had to take immediate action," said Assistant Superintendent Dan Wright with Stockton Unified School District.

A tougher anti-fighting policy has been put in place at Van Buren. If successful, could be put in place at other elementary schools.

If a student getsinto a fight here they are put on suspension," said Wright. "A second fight -they are put on expulsion."

The district also brought in the YMCA to engage kids in constructive ways.

And volunteers with Project Hope, an outreach anti-gang and anti-violence organization are on campus everyday ... hoping to get students to discuss their concerns.

Since the changes, school officials say there have been no weapons or fights on campus.

They say parents have been kept informed of the actions taken and so far, there have been no complaints.