MODESTO, CA -Ryan Mazzariello appeared before a judge in Modesto Wednesday on charges of killing two people last Sunday.

The 25-year-old Oakdale man is accused of shooting 15-year-old Ruben Mora and 20-year-old Abel Calderon. Mora's uncle, who watched the arraignment, disputed the idea his nephew was in a gang.

"If you want to classify him, he was a skater, or always on a bike. He was a fun loving 15-year-old boy," said Elias Arellano.

Tuesday, Mazzariello's mother said her son had been subject to a lot of threats when going to the Oakdale Market where the shootings took place. A fellow National Guardsman of Mazzariello said the same thing Wednesday following court.

"He says he was being harassed by people from Oakdale. It's a small town with two streets. They ran into each other a lot," said the man who wouldn't give his name.

Mazzariello is being held in jail with bail set at $4 million. He returns to court in a month after trying to find an attorney for his defense.


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