ROSEVILLE, CA - A small, single-engine plane landed in the grass median of Highway 65 just after 10:30 Wednesday morning.

Officer Nico Bonfilio with the California Highway Patrol said no one was injured.

The Beechcraft Debonair first landed right side up in the left lane of the northbound direction of the highway. The pilot, John Mares,was able to steer it to the center divide.

PHOTOS: Plane makes emergency landing on Hwy. 65 in Roseville

Mares said a new engine had just been installed in the plane and he was taking the aircraft for a test flight from the Rio Linda Airport when the engine malfunctioned and he had to set the plane down.

CHP responders said it was amazing no one was hurt.

Mares and mechanics were able to repair the Beechcraft which the pilot flew off the highway at about 3:40 p.m.

An FAA representative was on site investigating.