In trueSatoru Iwata fashion, the President of Nintendo unboxes the Wii U video game console for all to see.

"Perhaps we can call it an official pre-release unboxing ceremony," Iwata humorously commented.

In the video, which was released through Nintendo Direct, Iwata takes the Wii U Deluxe out of its retail box one piece at a time, allowing would-be Wii U owners to see exactly what they will get when they pick up their own Wii U consoles once it becomes available on November 18.

"It feels like I'm a host on a shopping channel," the Nintendo President said during the video as he exhibited all of the Wii U Deluxe's contents.

The standard Wii U system retails for $299.99 and comes with the whiteWii U console with an 8GB HDD, a Wii U GamePad controller, anHDMI Cable, Sensor Bar, and 2 AC Adaptors (one each for the console and GamePad). The deluxe system retails for $349.99 and comes with a black 32GB version of the console, all off the aforementioned accessories and plugs, aWii U GamePad cradle, a Wii U console vertical stand, and the Nintendo Landvideo game.

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