SACRAMENTO, CA - With 75 percent of precincts reporting, Proposition 34, which would repeal California's death penaltyand replace it with life in prison without parole for death row inmates, is behind 53 percent to 47 percent.

Proposition 36 - Three strikes revision
This measure would impose a life sentence only when athird conviction is a serious violent crime.

Prop. 36 wasapproved by voters.

Proposition 37 - Genetically-modified food labels

This measure wouldrequire lables thatalert consumers of any raw or process food made from genetically-modified plants and animals.

With76 percent of precincts reporting,Prop. 37 is failingby 54 percent of votes to 46 percent.

Proposition 31 - State and local budgets

The Associated Press said voters rejectedProp. 31 which called for a two-year- state budget cycle.

Proposition 33 - Auto insurance rates

With76 percent of precincts reporting, voters are rejecting Prop. 33,54 percent to 46 percent.

Proposition 35 - Stiffer penalties for human trafficking, sex offender status

The Associated Press said California voters have approved this measure.

Proposition 39 - Tax liability for multi-state companies with California sales

Voters approved Prop. 39.

Proposition 40 - Redistricting

With76 percent of precincts reporting, Prop 40 is passing 72 percent to 28 percent.

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