Sacramento: Share your healthy lunch ideas with us. We have 10 ideas to make lunch a bit easier and healthy for the little ones.

Parents Magazine and local Moms and what works for my family helped gel this list.

1) Presentation: Try cookie cutters for a fun sandwich shape, fun containers. Make your own lunchables style with separate areas for cheese, turkey etc

2) Make it Cool Try fruit kabobs..."Pink Princess tuna" swap tuna for salmon etc Tangerine with a smiley face on outside peelRadishes can be "golf balls" and broccoli "leprechaun trees."

3) Portion control:.smaller sizes of favorites...snack size candy. Put a smaller amount of popcorn etc in a ziploc for your own portion control

4) Healthy favorites Rethink favorites healthy way..Whole Grain bread, peanut butter with apples etc

5) Chips and dips...Carrot chips and hummus/pita chips., pretzels and mustard or salsa

6) Kids Involved- You can pick three colors or what veggie etcPut three in cups on table "Pick your own" favorite color, shop together.

7)"Souper" idea Soup in thermos

8) Pasta Power- whole wheat swap for mac n cheese,, sauce on side to dip for fun and so it won't get soggy

9) Swap sugary drinks Try fun water bottles, sliced lemon, fun straws

10) Sweet treats Notes or pencils in lunch for treats, or let them pick which one a day they want

Plan in advance works bets for me! And saves money too!

Share your ideas

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