COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - The Kings will enter Wednesday's opening preseason against the Phoenix Suns with depth at the guard position.

Tyreke Evans comes into the season with a new and improve jump shot. Marcus Thornton is ready to pick up after scoring 19 points per game last season. Aaron Brooks joins the team after playing in China last year, hoping to make a comeback in the NBA. Jimmer Fredette hopes to shakeoff aninconsistent rookie season,and Isaiah Thomas is even more confident after surprising the league last season.

"I feel like I am," when asked if thought he was the starting point guard. "That's my mindset coming into camp that I am going to be the starting point guard and that's how I am going to take it."

But of all the guards on the Kings, only one can claim to have his book. This summer, Fredette released an inside look at his life and family, and dealing with Jimmer-Mania his first season.

"The book is not necessarily about my career," Fredette told News10 in an one-on-one interview. "It is a little bit about my carerr but mostly about my upbringing and my relationship with my family especially my brother T.J."

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