SACRAMENTO, CA - The news was out from AAA on Saturday. At just over$4.61 a gallon for regular, California had hit a new record for the average price of gas.

With prices soaring all week, many motorists have been changing their habits. They're driving less, planning their trips more carefullyand, in some cases, taking the bus and light rail. Although, for some, the bus and light rail are not options.

"I'd ride the bus everyday," said motorist Stephanie Clark, "but they stop running at 10:00!"

For Frances Ruiz, it's a different issue.

"A car is more convenient," she said.

For Unni Stevens, car pooling has become more popular.

"It's fun," she said, "you go with a group of people and talk while you drive."

The good news is that the prices are supposed to start easing next week.

by Jonathan Mumm

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