LIVERMORE, CA - By appearance, it hardly stands out among Livermore area wineries; however, it's the mission of Valor Winery that makes it a true standout.

Valor is owned and operated by a 27-year-old former marine, who in addition to loving winemaking, loves the idea of assisting other veterans with their issues.

"I'm a Sergeant in the Marine Corp, just serving in a different uniform," Josh Laine said.

Laine puts out about 3,000 cases of wine each year, and since opening, has employed more than 50 veterans in full and part time roles.

"I do it because I know what they're going through," Laine explianed."When I got out (of the marines) it's not easy to start a business.The transition back to civilian life is hard."

Lane said many recent service members suffer from stress, or other trauma.His winery work has been a release for employees.

"I've had veterans' wives and moms say thanks 'my husband or boyfriend comes home at night, tired-he's not angry-he sleeps at night,' Laine said. "When I hear that, I know I'm doing my job."

On Friday, Gordon Yardyhelped transfer pressed grape juice into large tanks, which will eventually becomeChianti.

"I went through hard times,with a foreclosure on my home. I moved to Livermore and was blessed to find Josh," said Yardy, who works part timeat Valor.

Valor is so small it's only open for tasting the first weekend of each month.But that means the next two days it is open for drop in tasting and sales.

Valor is located at 2133 Research Drive, in Livermore.

ByTim Daly,

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