GRASS VALLEY, CA - "It is a rescuer's worst nightmare."Those are the words of Susan Wallace, who runs the dog rescue operation, Scooter's Pals in Grass Valley.

They found a home for a little terrier from a shelter in Kern County. As they always do, they checked out the new potential owner and decided this was one little dog whose story would have a happy ending.

"We got a call from the owner about ten days ago," said Susan. The owner said the dog had had a stroke and had been put down. Susan was surprised because little Butch, as he was then called, was relatively young and in good health.

But then came another call. This one from a veterinarian in Pinole. It seemed a dog had been brought in by a Good Samaritan after it had been found critically injured at a campground in Foresthill. The dog had been tiedto a tree and shot in the face. It had apparently been beaten and one paw was broken.

A microchip linked it to Scooter's Pals,which turned out to beButch's. Susan said when a woman arrivedat the campground on Friday, she heard what she thought was target practice. She then thought she heard whimpering, butthough she looked to seewhatwas going on, she couldn't find anything.

Then, two days later, as she was leaving, she heard the whimpering again."She finally said I'm not leaving till I find this dog," Susan said.

Frankie, as the little dog is now called, is making a recovery and is being cared for by veterinarians at U.C. Davis. While his Jawbone has been removed, he will now need surgery to implant a titanium plate. The care is expensive but donors have stepped forward with some $4,000 toward what is expected to be a $6,000 bill.

Scooter's Pals is hoping more people might step forward to help. More information about Frankie can be found at their website.

Once Frankie has recovered, the group is hoping to find him a good home.

by Jonathan Mumm

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