ARDEN, CA - A 60-year-old man died Thursday night after being run over by a cab on Fulton Avenue in the Arden area, but California Highway Patrol and UC Davis medical personnel say the taxi was likely the second vehicle to hit him.

CHP spokesman Jim Frost said officers were called to Fulton Ave. just north of Hurley Way in response to a report of a man being hit by a cab.

Upon arrival, officers found the taxi driver at the scene, but the victim, Dale Phillip Jensen,had already beentransported to UC Davis medical center, said Frost.

According to Frost, the cab driver was cooperative with CHP officers and explained he was making a u-turn at a low rate of speed, did not seen Jensen laying in the road, and ran him over. An ensuing investigation confirmed the cab driver's story, said Frost.

Meanwhile, Jensen died while being transported to UC Davis. UC Davis Emergency Room doctorslater told the CHP that Jensen's injuries were consistent with those incurred in a high-speed collision, Frost said.

CHP officers subsequently speculated that Jensen was likely hit by another vehicle which fled the scene prior to 8:45 p.m., leaving the man lying in the road where the cabbie ran him over, said Frost.

The CHP had no information on the suspected vehicle or driver that struck the man and fled. They urgedanyonewith information onthe incident to call CHP during operating hours (916) 338-6710 or during non-operating hours at (916) 861-1300.

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