SACRAMENTO, CA- People waiting to get their hands on the highly anticipated iPhone 5 lined up outside of Apple stores and shopping malls across the world Friday.

At Arden Fair Mall, people began showing up early Thursday morning with barbecues, blankets, and camping equipment. But security sent them packing, telling them to come back at night after the mall was closed.

At the RosevilleGalleria, customers began lining up around 5 a.m. The Apple Storeteamed up with Peet's coffee to keep the iPhone enthusiasts adequately caffeinatedwhile waiting in line.

The iPhone 5features a bigger screen, a lighter, slimmer frame, faster processor, and for the first time, 4G LTE wireless connections.

Apple tooktwo million pre-orders for the phone in the first 24 hours it wasavailable last week, and some analysts were predicting more than 10 million phones willbe sold by Monday.

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