SACRAMENTO, CA - An employee of the Sacramento Unified School District has been given his old job back, a job he lost after he confronted a school principal over alleged sexual harassment of another employee.

Crocker-Riverside campus after school program developer Steav Jordan was reassigned to a desk job in a different location after he said he confronted Crocker-Riverside School Principal Carl Westphal.

Jordan found out the district was reinstating him on Wednesday.

"I'm back to hands-on with the kids, hands-on with the staff, hands-on with the program, a good feeling," Jordan said.

Vanessa Grant, the employee who complained of the alleged harassment by Westphal, said she's still not happy that Westphal was allowed to take a medical leave and was not found guilty of harassing her.

"Makes me feel like the district still didn't do anything about it because he's out on his terms, not their terms," Grant said.

The district told Grant it did not find any proof of harassment.

Grant said she was not welcomed back at the start of the fall semester and now does not feel comfortable going back to work for the district, in spite of the financial losses she's suffered.

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