Crash tests are not the only way to see if a car you want to buy is a safe pick.

According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, HLDI, comparing the frequency of personal injury protection claims on vehicles gives prospective owners a better picture of safety. The cost of medical claims and personal injury protection claims show how well a vehicle protects its occupants.

In the Top 10 List of Cars with Frequent Injury Claims, small cars and cars with performance engines made up the infamous list, which was released in the HLDI's Status Report Thursday.

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*Claim frequency per 1,000 insured vehicle years for models between 2009-2011

Make/ModelVehicle SizeClaim frequnecy
Toyota Yaris mini car28.5
Suzuki SX4 small car26.6
Chevrolet Aveo mini car26
Mitsubishi Galant mid-size car25.4
Kia Riomini car24.9
Nissan Versa small car24.6
Hyundai Accentmini car24.6
Dodge Avengermid-size car23.7
Nissan Sentrasmall car23
Chevrolet Aveo Wagonmini station22.3

"Injury claims data show something that crash test results can't, and that's the role that vehicle size plays," HLDI senior vice president Kim Hazelbaker said. "In most crash tests, the advantage of greater size and weight is masked by using a fixed barrier. As a result, crash test results are comparable only among similar vehicles. We know that in the real world, if all else is equal, a larger, heavier vehicle does a better job protecting occupants than a smaller, lighter one. These claim frequencies demonstrate that clearly."

Cars that topped the list of vehicles with the least personal injury claims include luxury, mid-size and larger cars.

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The status report said high end sports cars, luxury vehicles and less expensive cars with powerful engines have higher than average collision claims.

*Claim frequency per 1,000 insured vehicle years for models between 2009-2011

Make/ModelClaim FrequencyClaim Severity
Ferrari California2.6$82,112
Maserati Granturismo7.7$16,150
Porsche Panamera turbo 7$16,027
Mercedes-Benz S-Class hybrid11.2$8,528
Maserati Quattroporte8.1$11,454
Nissan GT-R 6.1$15,285
BMW M3 8.4$10,259
Porsche 911 turbo convertible 4WD 3.5$24,679
Lexus IS-F 10$8,487
BMW 7 series 4WD long-wheelbase9.7$7,828

Ferrari California Convertible tops the list for highest overall crash loss, but comes in second with lowest claim frequency.

"A car like the Ferrari tends to stay in the garage most of the time. That looks like a smart decision when you consider how expensive it is to repair crash damage on one of these," Hazelbaker said.

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The HLDI collects data from 80 percent of companies that insure private vehicles. The reports generated by the HLDI use vehicle crash claims information to figure out vehicle safety and how expensive a vehicle is to fix if involved in a crash.

"For consumers concerned about insurance premiums, this information is key," Hazelbaker said. "A lot of things go into your premium - your age, place of residence, driving record, sometimes even your credit history. The kind of vehicle you buy is the one factor that a consumer can control in the short term."

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