NATOMAS, CA- Friends and family of 28-year-old Luv Land celebrated her life at a vigil in north Natomas Wednesday night.

Land was shot in an apparent murder-suicide over the weekend. Sacramento police found a gun beside her body and the body of her long-time boyfriend, 38-year-old Edward Coleman.

Coleman was a well-liked assistant coach at Grant High School and had dated Land for several years.

At least 150 friends and family members came to the vigil at a family member's home, recalling Land as vibrant, quirky and always devoted to those she cared for.

"It's just a shame, she had to leave so soon, but as you can see, she made a lot of friends in a short time," said her father, Keith Dobson, as he gestured to the gathering.

Land was a graduate of American River College and Coleman said she'd hoped to eventually earn a PhD in business.

A family friend, whom Land once worked, for recalled she almost always arrived a few minutes late for work, but that he never worried about it.

"Once she got to work, guess what, it was on. Full control - didn't have to worry about a thing. Didn't even need security because she took care of that also," he said as friends and family chuckled.

Another friend said she'd known Land since first grade remembered Land as giving and loving, but also lively.

"And you guys probably saw us, dressed like Bobsey Twins, making our tent money in our little shorts, you know. But my girl was a stunner, she was beautiful! And she loved life, you know what I'm saying and she's dancing in heaven right now," she said.

At the vigil's end, almost everyone gathered released balloons into the night sky.

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