FRENCH CAMP, CA - A recreational vehicle dealer lot in French Camp has one of two stolen trailers back, minus electronics and some minor damage.

Pan Pacific RV General Manager Matt Jones said sheriff's deputies recovered the larger trailer from the parking lot of Franklin High School in Stockton. He was told a resident heard some noise in the area and recognized a white Ford Explorer and the trailer captured in the dealer's security camera video that was shown on local TV. The SUV was gone by the time deputies arrived.

The theft took place early Sunday morning, according to Jones. Someone driving a white Ford Explorer with a dark tailgate drove through the security gate of the RV business into where service vehicles were kept and hooked up the trailers, first taking one and then coming back for another.

Still missing is an 18-foot Aljo trailer.

Before the one trailer was located, Jones estimated the loss of both trailers at $40,000.

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