ROCKLIN, CA - Rocklin police have arrested three women accusedof sticking up a local Dollar Tree store.

Police Lt. Lon Milka said thesuspectshad entered thestore at 6656 Lonetree Boulevard just before closing time on Aug. 27. Shortly after,one of themgrabbed an employeeand pushed him to the ground with a gun in her other hand. The two women with her held the employee down while thewoman with the gun ordered a second employee to open the till, Milka said. Then both employees were ordered into the manager's office to hand over cash in there. The robbers then left.

Arrested for the crimes were Loriann Prout, 27, of Roseville; Victoria Micheels, 32, of Roseville and Enery Toro, 22, of Rocklin. They were booked on suspicion of robbery, false imprisonment, assault and conspiracy. Milka said two additional suspects were outstanding.

Investigators credited anonymous tips, surveillance video and cellphone records for leading to identification of the suspects.

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