STOCKTON, CA - Stockton saw its 47th and 48th homicides of the year in a pair of shootings on Monday.

The latest murder came in a drive-by shooting in the 1100 block of South Commerce just before 8 o'clock Monday night. A pair of teenagers were shot and rushed to a local hospital where one was declared dead and the other was moved from critical to stable condition after surgery.

Just after 10:15 pm, officers responded to another drive-by shooting on East 9th Street. A teenaged male was taken to a local hospital. His condition was not available as of midnight.

Stunned neighbors said they worry that stray bullets could hurt or kill someone.

"I was in Iraq, and literally, Iwas safer in Baghdad than I am here in Stockton and that is a no b.s. assessment of the situation here in Stockton," said neighbor Jose Bilyeu, who added he believes police are doing the best they can but are overwhelmed.

Investigators were trying to determine if the three shootings may have been gang-related, with retaliation as a motive in the last two.

Stockton recordedits 47th homicide of the year after an afternoonshootingin south Stockton near the intersection of Airport Way and 12th Street.

Officer Joe Silva confirmed the 19-year-old man died after being taken to San Joaquin General Hospital.

Police were investigating the possibility the shooting happened several blocks away andthe victim was a passenger in a car driven to the location near Airport Way.

Stockton appears headed to another homicide record with four months left in the year. Last year the record was set with 58.


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