SACRAMENTO, CA -Gas prices should be going down in the weeks ahead.

Tom Kloza, chief analyst at the Oil Price Information Service told CNNthere are a number of factors that are likely to lower gas prices fairly soon.

Kloza said the damage from Hurricane Isaacwas not believed to be serious, which should allow work to resume quickly at refineries along the Gulf Coast.

The end of the summer blend of gasoline on Sept. 15 could bring prices down 20 cents a gallon over the next month or so, Kloza says. However, that is not factored into California's prices becausethe statedoes notuse a winter blend.

The White House is considering releasing some U.S. strategic oil reserves to bring down the price of gas and put pressure on Iran.

The average price in California is$4.13 a gallon. The national average is at $3.79. That's the highest on record for Labor Day weekend.

Just this past weekend alone, the nation saw a 29-cent jump.

However, Kloza thinks that $3.25 a gallon gasoline byDecember is possible.

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