FAIR OAKS, CA - In the middle of the day, you're sure to hear a wake-up call or see an infamous member of the feral fowl family of Fair Oaks.

The town is known for wild chickens, with more than 100 of them running several parks and playgrounds.

"If I lived here and it was in my yard, I might feel differently," tourist Sheila Rose said. "But since I don't and walk around and enjoy the scenery I find it fun."

The chickens may be fun for tourists, but some residents are downright annoyed.

"Residents who live around the park, are sick and tired of being awakened at 4:30 in the morning by all these roosters and one starts and they'll start," resident Melody Hjerpe said.

Residents noticed that the chicken population changes from time to time.

People flock to Fair Oaks to drop off their unwanted chickens and the illegal dumping is becoming a problem.

John Castillo witnessed someone dropping off a hen the other day.

"It would have probably been killed if I had left it there and that does happen quite a bit," Castillo said.

So, Castillo gave the hen to a friend. Hjerpe brings the chickens water and food.

"Everyone thinks they can take care of themselves, but there are so many animals here and the area is so small that the food source is depleted," Hjerpe said.

While some people are concerned about the well-being of the chicken population, others clearly don't want their properties turned into a chicken nest.

One sign clearly says "Do not leave food or water in the bushes." Sacramento County Animal Control is aware of the situation.

"There's a stable population that goes up and down and when it goes up we know people are dumping chickens there from their home or ranch that they don't want anymore and that is illegal," Sacramento Animal Control Supervisor David Dickinson said.

Unless someone is caught in the act, there's not much animal control officers can do.

"From time to time, it loses its appeal and you feel sad for the unfortunate ones," Castillo said.

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