WEST SACRAMENTO, CA - Rescue crews were called to South River Road in West Sacramento early Monday morning after aBMWcrashed into the river.

Responders on scene said theyarrived around 2:30 a.m. and found a 46-year-old man walking along the road, disoriented and confused.

Upon speaking with responders, the man said he had possibly been traveling with his brother, but could not clearly remember in his disoriented state.

The San Jose Police Dept. was contacted in regards to the driver's account and later found his brother safe at home.

Dive teams went into the water and located the vehicle. A tow truck was then used to pull the BMW from the water.

Divers searched the river and used sonar to look for victims, but no bodies were found and thesearch was subsequently scaled back, according to responders.

The BMW sustained severe damage to the front and rear ends, and both airbags had deployed.

Authorities were unable to confirm whether the man who was found at the scenewas the driver or passenger of the car due to his confused state.

Police were still investigating the cause of the wreck and ruled out alcohol as a factor.

The West Sacramento Police Dept., Yolo County Sheriff's Office, and California Highway Patrol all assisted in search and retrieval efforts.