RANCHO CORDOVA, CA- There's no better place to escape triple-digit heat than along the chilly American River.

"I just like to go to the river and get cooled off so I'm not that hot and sweaty," said little Brookelyn Smith of Sacramento, as she watched divers leap from the walking bridgeacross the American River just west of the Sunrise Bridge.

With temperatures topping 100 degrees, rafters, tubers, kayakers and swimmers flocked to Valley waterways over the weekend.

"The top divers are out here right now. So we got a little bit of the Olympics going on," said Garland Dyk of Carmichael as he watched about two dozen young men and women take turns leaping from the walking bridge into the center of the river.

Some divers synchronized their leaps in two's and three's to dazzle passers-by.

"You make sure you go out deep enough. If you go in too shallow then you would hit the rocks and that wouldn't be fun," explained Bailey Dorigo of Carmichael as she showed off her form making the roughly 12 foot jump into the swift and chilly waters.

Area rangers discourage the practice, but divers said they look after each other and try to keep safety in mind.

Rafters said they are turning to bigger and fancier models they can buy on line or at local stores.They aren't as sturdy as rented rafts, but can be reused witha little bit of patching up.

As he watched the bridge-jumping and rang a cow-bell for the best jumps, Dyk summed up his thoughts about a hot day on the American River.

"The river is a special event for the Sacramento area and we love to have everybody out here."

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