STOCKTON, CA - During a time when Stockton's murder rate is nearly double the amount from the year before, the Guardian Angels are being asked to step up to help curb crime.

The problem is, they are finding it hard to get Stockton residents to help them help themselves. Only one Stockton resident signed up to help patrol city streets.

"We met with the police chief and we met with the mayor," Guardian Angel Patrick Kent said. "They were totally supportive. So, we're moving forward and trying to help Stockton curb some of the violence."

The Sacramento Guardian Angels met at Stockton City Hall earlier this week after one resident asked the group to help start a chapter in Stockton. Four members from the Sacramento Chapter spent all week advertising in the media where and when they would be recruiting members to start a Stockton Chapter.

Adam Orr was the only Stockton resident who showed up outside the movie complex downtown on Friday evening to sign up to become a member of the group.

"I'd like to give back to my community. I haven't had the best past," Orr said. "I wanted to join so we can be here - not for reaction, but for prevention. We want to be as non-violent as possible."

Sacramento Chapter leaders were hoping to recruit at least 6 Stockton leaders to start a chapter in Stockton. Based on Friday's response, it will be a while before the Guardian Angels begin a chapter in Stockton.

By Natalie Sentz,

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